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About Us

With a rich 20-year history in the industry, 1st Motorcycle Training is a well-established and respected company.

Our team of DSA-approved instructors brings not only expertise but also enthusiasm to each lesson, teaching essential skills and techniques for motorcycle riding. We take pride in our excellent first-time pass rate, a testament to our effective training methods and our commitment to maintaining this high standard in the years ahead.

At our spacious training facility, we provide an ideal learning environment for beginners and those aspiring to obtain a full motorcycle license. The location is not only expansive, offering ample room for new riders to gain confidence, but it’s also conveniently situated near the Garretts Green DSA driving test centre, making it an optimal setting for comprehensive motorcycle training.

What Sets Us Apart

We Are 1st Motorcycle Training, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our courses.

Expert Instructors, Unmatched Experience

Our team of expert instructors brings decades of combined experience in motorcycle training, ensuring that each student receives personalized, knowledgeable guidance.

Top of the range training equipment

We pride ourselves on our top of the range training equipment, equipped with the latest motorcycle models and safety gear, to provide an optimal learning environment.

Comprehensive Safety-First Curriculum

Our curriculum emphasizes safety-first principles, covering everything from basic handling to advanced riding techniques, ensuring students are well-prepared for any road condition.

Personalized Learning Paths

Recognizing that every rider is unique, we offer personalized learning paths that cater to individual skill levels and goals, from beginners to experienced motorcyclists.

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changed my life.”

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